Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Knack - Review

We've all got a Knack for something.

Release 11/15/13
Pub. Sony Computer Entertainment
Knack begins as a scientific demonstration where
our main character "The Doctor" starts by explaining the excavation of Relics found in the earth. He goes on to show how these relics power things in their world like motors and everyday objects. The Doctor finds a way to harness the power of the  relics and make "Knack" a conscious being! This demonstration doubles as your active tutorial with Knack showing what he can do: Attack, Enlarge, Shrink, Specials, ETC.
The H.U.D. is pretty standard with a health bar , one for your sunstones, and one showing your relic size. Menus in the game are very user friendly and basic. Not much flair here. When hitting the options button you will see items, crystals, and parts needed and found.  Game play of Knack is very adventurous. levels resembling skylanders with a smash and bash style. Buttons are simple. Square being attack. Combos happen with a quick Square-Circle, or Square-Triangle. Knack also has a jump-homing attack. Levels are seperated into sections (1.2, 5.3, 12.4,  ETC). In each of these sections you can find breakable walls with machine parts or relic boxes hidden inside. These walls  can be tricky to find.

Knack must defeat evil goblins and robots invading the land, while jumping and avoiding lasers and  rockets. Knacks size affects his strength and defense. Each hit he takes the smaller he gets. While progressing through the game Knack gains the ability to absorb wood, metal and other thing you need to play to find out! Using abilities like wood, Knack can start on fire and burn his way through obstacles. Where as small knack can climb into air shafts. There is a ton of replay value in collectibles. collecting gems unlock new forms.
Knack looks great! the detail in  knacks moving relics and their design is astounding.The characters and world look great for their "cartoony" graphical style. the whole world of "Knack" looks like a CGI animated kids movie. Something from the minds at pixar.

Knack stands its ground as an awesome game for kids and a still good game for adults. Just like pixar, made for kids and loved by all. My 7 year old son loves Knack. i just felt it was rushed. it has a ton of potential i hope for a less stressed sequel. If your a gamer looking for quick fun here it is. if you want a more thorough story and complex game play you may want to look further.

Pros.  Fun, new ideas, collectables

Cons.  Not too deep,  too easy

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